@AndrewRannells : Hey @LauraBenanti , want to do a musical? Or get really really drunk?


Why are basic necessities so expensive? I mean like 

  • toilet paper
  • bread
  • comic con 
  • milk


Exactly two years ago today I was in a hurried frantic cab ride on the way to open the show on Broadway that changed my life! St. James theatre I am humbled and grateful to walk by you today. Thank you for making me the person I am.

Benjamin Walker as Berger in Hair at the Hollywood Bowl


tumblr island would be the farthest thing from a judgment free environment and would probably be the cause of a couple dozen murders and an unintentional reenactment of lord of the flies

Grant Gustin - If I Didn’t Believe In You (x)


id hit up barnes and noble during the purge

I’ve finally found it, a place where i’m wanted.